Winner of the Shippax Award 2018

Many thanks to Shippax for this award, and to everyone who partecipated in the building of Tasmanian Achiever II !

Toll’s new Roll On Roll Off (Ro-Ro) cargo ship, Tasmanian Achiever II, won the 2018 Shippax Ro-Ro Technology award on 13 March, 2019. The award was announced at the 2019 Shippax Ferry Conference, held on board the SILJA SERENADE, sailing between Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm from 12 – 14 March.
The Shippax Ro-Ro Technology award was presented to the ships’ naval architects, Sea Highways Ltd, and Naos Ship and Boat Design. The award recognises that Tasmanian Achiever II is the largest Ro-Ro ever used for domestic trade outside of Europe and the United States and has the largest reefer capacity of any short-sea Ro-Ro vessel.
The  award  specifically  highlighted,  among  the others, the solution adopted to incorporate   9-cylinder  two-stroke  engines,  avoiding  the  need  for  large  casings  on  the  maindeck   and giving obstruction free access to the Ro-Ro decks via wide, fixed ramps.

Photo by Toll
Philippe Holthof and Elizabeth Mandersson handing-over the Shippax Award to Roberto Prever on board the Silja Serenade, during the 2019 Ferry conference.